Counselors for the Homeownership Preservation Foundation, which is a non profit organization whose purpose is to help homeowners avoid foreclosure, have reported that, during the second quarter, they handled a record number of calls from people facing foreclosure. The actual number is 30,078. This amounts to more that double the calls that came in during the first quarter of 2007 and more than six times the amount that came in during the second quarter of 2006.
Of all the calls that came into their hotline during the second quarter, more than 15,000 actually received help. In the first quarter, the number was 7,000

These figures reflect what has been reported in the news lately about all the trouble that mortgage lending institutions are facing. The rate of homeowners defaulting on loans is increasing at a record pace. And shows no sign of slowing down. In just the month of June alone there were close to 165,000 homeowners who had a foreclosure proceeding filed against them. That is 87% more than were filed in June of last year.

Nearly 165,000 foreclosure filings were reported during June 2007, an 87% increase over the same month last year, or, looking at it in another way it is one house being foreclosed out of every 704 in the US and the total number of foreclosures for 2007 is expected to be around 1 million.

These are some of the statistics that they have compiled from the calls they have received.

It does not matter what type of mortgage a person has. People with fixed rate mortgages have the same problems as those with ARMS . Of the calls that came into the center, 40% were ARMS and 39% were fixed rate.

About half of the callers were more than two months delinquent, which is less than the 62% from the last quarter, and that is a good sign because it means that people are seeking help earlier.

When looking at the income levels, 47% of the callers had household incomes of less than $36,000 and 11% had incomes of more than $72,000

They heavily stress the importance of reaching out for help as early as possible. The sooner people seek help, the more options they have available and the more likely they are to be able to stay in their homes. Of the homeowners who called their hot line–888-995-HOPE- 21% were actually not even one month behind yet and that is up from 14% during the first quarter of 2007.