Breakdown insurance is that handy coverage that can help when you have mechanical difficulty on the road. Some policies even have an “at home” segment that will help with getting your car started if it just doesn’t “go” when you go out in the morning to head toward work, school, the grocery store or that special appointment. But there are several different ways that you can have breakdown insurance. Read your policy carefully to know which one will work best for you.

Your Car

This is a policy that is specific to the insured vehicle. No matter who is driving it, your car or other vehicle is covered. Many companies offer different levels of coverage for a single vehicle. This might include simple coverage that ranges from domestic use of your car, commuter coverage, or in-country travel only or coverage that will take care of that European vacation. No matter who is driving it, your car is covered.

Two Cars or More Cars

This family policy works great for a busy household that includes both experienced and new drivers. If you have two or more working adults, kids and/or parents who are in school, and a fleet of household vehicles to insure, then this is the breakdown cover for you. Because more than one vehicle is being covered, you usually get a break on the per-car price.

You in Any Car

This personal coverage is great if you own two or more vehicles, but only want to pay insurance for one. It also works if you frequently rent or lease a vehicle. All you need to do to activate your pre-paid policy is to contact your company, let them know what you are driving and where, and you are set.

Your Motorbike

Motorbikes or motorcycles, as they are sometimes called, can sometimes benefit from breakdown insurance. Although their motors are simpler than those installed in cars, they are subject to mechanical breakdown.

Motor Homes and Towed Vehicles

This is a popular style for taking an extended vacation, especially for retirees. Motor homes, caravans and travel trailers can also develop problems when going down the road. Depending on the model, this can range from flat tires to problems with the towing vehicle or the internal motor. Breakdown insurance that will take care of your home-on-wheels as well as the towing vehicle or an individual vehicle that is being towed puts confidence in your extended tour, whether it is domestic or European. Some policies even include batteries and similar items for the home itself.

Your Business Fleet

Personal breakdown insurance accounts do not always cover vehicles that are used as part of your business. You can take care of this problem for yourself and for your employees by subscribing to a business fleet policy. Many policies cover up to fifty vehicles in a fleet, and can subscribers can select from standard, national or international policies – just to make sure that all your bases are covered.

Your Travel Breakdown Insurance

There was once a credit card commercial for which the tagline was, “Don’t leave home without it.” That could readily apply to breakdown insurance, especially if you will be traveling through several countries. One of the most welcome sounds in your life could easily be your insurance dispatcher, speaking your language and ready to interpret needed information about your vehicle. There is no joy in having mechanical difficulty at any time, but it is even less pleasurable when you are traveling through a region where you do not share a language with your auto mechanic.