When carrying out research on getting the right deal for student direct loans a lot of options may come into mind but the truth of the matter lies in the fact that and among the most popular is the U.S. Department of Education’s student direct loan. You may be asking what makes the U.S. Department of Education’s student direct loan different from the others considering the fact that you might have had about some other alternatives in the past by some friends and close associates that might have testified to the effectiveness and quality of other programs they might have tried in the past or might have know someone who did. Well the fact is that this program provides a one-stop-shopping of sorts through the process. A myriad of convenient attributes are offered through this service. One strong feature that I believe the program has is in its ability to offer a wide range of flexible online solutions to students amongst them are: a student can view his or her account balance, make a payment and monitor the payment history. In addition to all this the U.S. Department of Education’s Direct program offers counseling and other options if it so happens that there seems to be a change in billing terms which is required for the student direct loan. Basically for students who participate for the online direct loan from the U.S. Department of Education’s student direct loan there are indeed some major options that that must be considered or better still evaluated before eventually going into the program itself .These factors are that there are two main types of online counseling available for individuals who take advantage of student direct loans. That is to say the borrowers must participate in the “entrance counseling” that serves as a preview to the borrowing responsibilities. This session usually lasts about 25 minutes and thoroughly discusses the right and responsibilities associated with taking the financial aid. The entrance counseling provides the necessary tools, tips and budgeting advice to maintaining the student direct loan and other educational expenses. Toward the end of the schooling, what is usually called the “exit counseling” session is offered. This serves to remind the borrower of his or her rights and responsibilities and potential consequences in repaying the monies borrowed. This farewell and good-luck-with-payment session usually does not exceed about 50 minutes.
Another point of note that the student must realize is that in terms of the various forms of financial aid that can be made available to either the student or the parent by the U.S. Department of Education falls into two major categories which are:

(1)Stafford: This program is basically for students to take out by themselves. They are ultimately responsible for all repayment.
(2) PLUS: These are for the parents to sign for and repay.

These two types of aid are also offered through the Federal Family Education Loan Program (FFEL). With the FFEL program the monies are offered through banks and other private lenders. These, then are not referred to as a student direct loan, since the money is not coming directly from the federal government. I am quite sure that by now you may be wondering why is it that these two categories are classified as direct loans well I will tell you .You see the Stafford and PLUS programs are called student direct loans because the Department of Education is not only the contact source, but also the actual lender. Well I guess I answered that pretty well. However, one last thing you have to consider is that indeed there are so many aspects to consider when looking into college these may include but not limited to the various ways of how to manage the tuition through scholarships, grants, and student direct loans. This is true because in most cases putting together what you may call a continuous college list can seem a daunting task.

So my dear friend regardless of your circumstance it does appear that indeed for students with financial problems as regards to school there is indeed a viable option out there however, I must stress that though I recommend this program for you I still expect you to do some more research and to consider various alternatives that may be available to you so that in the long run you would find an effective loan program that would be suitable for you.