Chris Grayling accepts that clients should have choice over solicitor

The Lord Chancellor Chris Grayling has backtracked over the issue of client choice in criminal legal aid, and accepted that client choice is a crucial element to ensure quality of service.

Save Legal Aid blogs

Blogs written by Save Legal Aid members have been published on websites of our partner charities.

Press coverage of the Save Legal Aid Campaign

The Guardian has published an article highlighting the ongoing campaigns against the proposed changes to criminal legal aid.

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The Alliance For Legal Aid

Abu Qatada's legal bill - a problem wth the legal aid system?

The BBC, Daily Mail and various national outlets have been reporting the size of the legal aid bill for Abu Qatada's case against deportation to face terror charges in Jordan. Unfortuntely most of these have placed the blame with the legal aid system.

Government defeated in the House of Lords over LASPO Regulations

The government has failed to get its Regulations relating to welfare benefits advice under LASPO through the House of Lords, after peers backed a "fatal motion" put forward by Lord Bach.

Cuts to legal aid for immigration will have knock on effects

The Guardian has run an article focussing on the case study of the Southampton and Winchester Visitors Group which helps destitute refugees.

South West advice services redundancies expected

More than 100 redundancies are expected in advice services in the South-West, including at the Citizens Advice Bureau.

Scottish lawyers warn of further strike action over legal aid dispute

There have been three days of action in recent weeks, with further strikes planned in the new year, in protest over the Scottish government's plans to reform the criminal legal aid system. 

"The idea of law students filling the legal aid gap makes my heart sink"

Jon Robbins has written an article explaining why relying on pro bono work by students to fill the gap left by legal aid is simply not good enough.

New article on the legal aid cuts

In a sign that legal aid is still very much on the agenda, the Oxford Human Rights Hub has written a new article on the legal aid cuts.

Justice Secretary Chris Grayling orders 'immediate' investigation of legal aid system

Justice Secretary Chris Grayling has called for an “immediate examination” of the legal aid system in the light of a small number of expensive legal aid cases.

"Resources aren't limitless" and should be reserved for cases where there is genuine need, Mr Grayling said.

No Legal advice for foreign national prisoners

As of April next year and the introduction of the Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act, it will be impossible for foreign national prisoners who wish to challenge deportation proceedings to get legal advice from a solicitor unless they are able to pay for it themselves. "It is not right to subject someone to a serious sanction of deportation without giving them the means to understand the situation and to assert the rights provided for them by law," commented DAS director Nigel Caleb. This is especially true as all deportations papers served by the UKBA are written entirely in English.

Scottish lawyers and hospital doctors threaten to strike

The Scottish government faces industrial action in a spate of disputes over cuts in legal aid funding and pension reforms. Members of the Glasgow Bar Association, which represents the city's criminal lawyers, agreed on Thursday to consider industrial action over cuts in legal aid funding and moves to make lawyers responsible for collecting their own fees.

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