Chris Grayling accepts that clients should have choice over solicitor

The Lord Chancellor Chris Grayling has backtracked over the issue of client choice in criminal legal aid, and accepted that client choice is a crucial element to ensure quality of service.

Save Legal Aid blogs

Blogs written by Save Legal Aid members have been published on websites of our partner charities.

Press coverage of the Save Legal Aid Campaign

The Guardian has published an article highlighting the ongoing campaigns against the proposed changes to criminal legal aid.

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The Alliance For Legal Aid

Migrants may lose legal aid

In preparation for the lifting of immigration limits on those coming from Romania and Bulgaria,  David Cameron has said he wants a 'common sense test' to ensure taxpayers money isn't spent on legally aided immigration cases.

Legal Aid cuts hit jobs in Wales.

The looming cuts to legal aid in welfare benefits, housing, debt and family are about to cause the loss of at least 60 jobs across Wales.

Firms considering withdrawing from legal aid work

A new survey of law firms reveals that nearly a third of legal aid firms are considering withdrawing from at least some areas of legal aid work.

Bar Council Chair warns that further cuts to criminal legal aid risk undermining provision of justice

Maura McGowan QC made her comments following suggestions by Chris Grayling, the Justice Secretary, that criminal legal aid was not providing "value for money".

Is the timing of legal aid cuts "deliberate"?

This was the allegation made by Lord Bach, a Labour peer, during questions in the House of Lords on the 29th January.

Local Citizens Advice Bureaux feel impact of cuts

One of the early casualties of the legal aid cuts is Cornwall Citizens Advice Bureau, where the vast majority of paid employees have just been made redundant.

Dodgy judicial review stats still making the news

After our recent blog on how the government was using misleading statistics to justify their proposed changes to the laws on judicial review, it appears that it is an issue that others have also been recognising.

New guide for self-representing litigants

The judiciary has published a guide for self-representing litigants - those who must represent themselves in court when they are unable to access a lawyer. This guide marks the increasing trend of self-litigation that will inevitably follow the reduction in legal aid.

Legal aid firms find out how much work they will have from April

Last week the LSC notified firms of their tenders for family, housing and debt and immigration. The Law Society Gazette reported that the extremely high demand has led to some firms being allocated an insufficient workload.

Community Legal Service (CLS) Grants Scrapped

The Legal Services Commission has finalised its decision to scrap the CLS grants from May 2013. The grants provided vital funding for the Advice Services Alliance, Law Centres Federation, and the Royal Courts of Justice Citizens Advice Bureau.

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